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The Essential Mac is intended to be a user-friendly collection of tips, tricks, and troubleshooting information for Macintosh users. It is a knowledge-base of stuff that we have accumulated as long-time Mac users and technicians. It represents a chance for us to finally "write all that stuff down" in a place where we can gently point people, rather than answering the same questions over and over again. It is a labor of love, and our chance to give something back to the wonderful Internet Mac community. It is also a showcase for the web design talents of Kim Foglia of WriteDesign.

We have two sections that are designed to help new Mac users Customize and Organize their computers. However, there are enough hard won tips and tricks in these sections, that even the most experienced user is likely to pick up something new.

Then we take on the contents of the System Folder, explaining the function of each item from Apple Menu Items, to Control Panels, Extensions, and Fonts.

For the more technically inclined, or those with a problem with their Mac, we have an extensive Troubleshooting section which includes everything from Rebuilding the Desktop to Reformatting a hard drive.

The Tweaking section contains our highly opinionated recommendations for setting up your Mac for maximum performance.

And check out the Trash before you leave, just for fun.

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