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We love Macs. We love to turn people on to Macs. They are great computers. They are designed intuitively. Our 3-year old son uses our Quadra with ease, completely on his own; Kim's 70-year old mother easily learned how to use a personal computer when she inherited our old SE.

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So what better way to help other Mac lovers than to explain the essentials of this wonderful computer so that life with Mac is even easier. We are creating this site for both the Mac novice and the Mac power-user... and we hope that you send us your feedback and your questions.

shades of geek-dom to come...

Kim is a full-time Mom as well as a full-time Web designer and desktop publisher (she learned to juggle first!). Stuart is a science guy; he is a bioinformatics specialist and Mac fix-it man for New York University Medical Center.

We have used Macs since 1984 and we think the world needs Apple Computers". You can reach us at

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