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We have discussed Control Panels in quite a number of sections of The Essential Mac. You may have noticed when we access Control Panels from the Apple Menu, its easy to get to them because our Mac allows us to open up both menus and submenus at the same time. In other words it arranges the menus hierarchically.

The Apple Menu Options control panel is where you turn this sub-menu option on and off. This may seem a bit circular to have a control panel that is accessed from the Apple Menu that affects how the Apple Menu itself works but it works and is useful.

The Apple Menu Options control panel is actually an example of how the MacOS has grown like a technological amoebae swallowing up good little shareware programs whenever they prove invaluable. In this case, the shareware program was called BeHierarchic and it was considered an essential utility by most of the hardcore Mac-ophiles.

Apple Menu Options dialog box

Anyway, this control panel allows you to customize some facets of how your Apple Menu looks and works. In the Apple Menu Options window, turn Sub-menus on, but leave Remember recently used items off. The Remember recently used items option has been implicated in a number of system level problems related to slowing down the computer this has not been proven, but the function has not been particularly useful to us, so why take a chance?

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