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Date & Time

Finder window with clock

Your Mac has a built-in clock, and it keeps very good time. The clock should appear on the upper right of your desktop (next to the "Balloon Help" question mark). If you need to reset the clock, open the Date & Time control panel. A click on the date or the time in this dialog box brings up a set of little up and down arrows use them to set the correct date and time.

Date & Time control panel

You can also change the way the date and time are formatted for display at the top of your screen. Be sure to set the time zone and whether you are on Daylight Savings Time your Mac likes to know where it is. Be sure that the Menubar Clock is on or else you won't see the time on your desktop. The Clock Options... button brings up a huge number of choices about the way your clock looks and behaves including font and color check them out.

Clock options dialog box

Oh, by the way, if your typing away at your computer and want to know what the date is, just click on your desktop clock at anytime and it will tell you the date.

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