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Your desktop pattern is a fun way to customize your Mac. Desktop Patterns is a control panel also easily accessible from the Apple Menu (just like the Views control panel).

The Mac comes pre-loaded with a selection of desktop patterns (from wild to cute to sedate) that you can choose from depending on your mood. Just click on the small arrows at the bottom right and left of the window to view a variety of patterns, then click the Set Desktop Pattern button to install that pattern on your screen.

desktop pattern

This is so easy that you can change the pattern frequently to give your workspace a "fresh" look. You can also download many other patterns from the Internet to replace the set Apple" included with the system software...and if you get handy with any image editing applications like Photoshop you can create your own.

One thing you will soon discover when you try out different patterns is that if you work at your computer a lot, you really want a desktop pattern that won't be distracting while you stare at the other windows on your monitor.


For graphic artists just getting started on the computer when you are doing any color or image correction work you should really set your desktop pattern to grey so it doesn't affect your color judgement.

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