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Customizing Your Mac

Your Mac is ready to use right out of the box. Just plug it in! This is one of the things we love most about Macs there is no set-up or installation required open the box, plug it in and get right to work. However, the Mac user-interface (the way the computer screen looks, and many aspects of how it responds to your commands) is the most customizable in the world. After a while, leaving your computer at all the factory settings is like having your VCR still flashing 12:00 .

You will discover that much of the customization of your Mac is accomplished through what are rightfully called Control Panels. So we will walk through these and the other fine-tuning tools on your Mac to help you make this better computer, the best computer for you.

Be forewarned a lot of our customization tips reflect our biases as to how we like our Macs to look don't feel compelled to use only the settings we recommend. Rather, use these as a springboard to get you to play with all of the available settings. In the end, see what you like best.

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