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WindowShade menu

We all suffer with too small monitors. So do you get into the predicament of having a lot of windows open at once not wanting to close any but needing to get to that back window? Of course...

Well, your problem can be managed with a nifty system feature called WindowShade. This is another Control Panel and therefore can be accessed through the Apple Menu.

Mysteriously, it is turned off by default when the system software is installed, so be sure to turn it on. We always set the options to 2 clicks, but do not check any of the modifier keys, and we think the sound is cool.

WindowShade dialog box

Now that WindowShade is enabled, you can double click on the title bar of any window the region of horizontal lines at the top of the window and the window should "roll up" with a "whoosh" sound. Now only the title bar will be visible so you can see anything lying behind the window.

Want your front window back? Double click on the title bar again and...whoosh... the window "rolls down".

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