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You're tooling along on the Internet now enjoying your new found ability to network with people all around the World you surf the Web, you e-mail your friends, maybe you even do chat. And then it hits you've signed up for 5 different discussion lists, the mail is pouring in, and you've got over 100 messages from yesterday yet to read information overload in a BIG way. Eudora to the rescue!

Eudora Light allows you to organize and manage your e-mail in a number of ways. You can:

  • save messages in labeled mailboxes
  • edit incoming messages
  • sort mail in a mailbox by category (date, sender, subject, etc.)
  • automatically filter messages into separate mailboxes as soon as they arrive (including the Trash!)

Mailboxes and Folders

Eudora mailboxesMailboxes are a great way to manage messages to organize, store, or archive them. Eudora is already set up with 3 mailboxes: In, Out, and Trash. (Deleted messages are not immediately thrown out but temporarily stored in the Trash mailbox and then finally deleted when you quit Eudora). Eudora lets you create additional mailboxes to put messages in, and folders to put mailboxes in.

Creating a Mailbox

Conveniently, there are three ways to create mailboxes and folders:

  • Using the New... option from the Mailbox menu.
  • Using the Mailboxes window from the Special menu (a good way to create several mailboxes at one time).
  • Using the New... option from the Transfer menu.

Using the Mailbox Menu

New Mailbox menuTo create a new mailbox or mail folder, select New... from the Mailbox menu. In the New Mailbox dialog box, type in a name. When you click OK, this new mailbox will be added to both the Mailbox and Transfer menus.

New Mailbox window

If you want this mailbox to actually be a mailbox folder which would then hold other mailboxes, check the Make it a Folder option in the New Mailbox dialog box.

Make it a Folder

Then you will immediately be given the opportunity to name a new mailbox in this new folder.

New Mailbox in new Folder dialog box

New Mailbox optionIf you already have a folder set up and want to add a new mailbox to it, go to that folder under the Mailbox menu and choose New... from the submenu. This will display the New Mailbox dialog box. Type in the new mailbox name as before.

Using the Mailbox Window

All of these tasks (and more) can also be accomplished through the Mailbox window. From the Special menu select Mailboxes and the Mailboxes window is displayed.

New Mailboxes windowFrom within this window you can:

  • create new mailboxes and folders
  • delete mailboxes and folders
  • rename mailboxes and folders
  • move mailboxes among folders

You can create mailboxes and folders from the buttons at the bottom of the window (expand the width of the window if you want the buttons labeled). Double clicking on a folder (or clicking on the arrow beside it) opens that folder and displays its contents in the list. You can move folders and mailboxes by clicking on them and then dragging them to a different folder in the list. Mailbox menuAlthough the In, Out, and Trash mailboxes remain at the top of the list, your mailboxes and folders are organized alphabetically by default with individual mailboxes at the top of the list and folders below.

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