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Family Fun with The Macintosh
games and software for kids


  • "Macs for Kids & Parents,"
    by Tom Negrino & Wendy Sharp



  • KeyWhack


  • Anything by Broderbund
    • Dr. Seuss' A B C
    • Green Eggs & Ham
    • Stellaluna
    • Little Critter series

  • Kid Pix

Elementary & Middle School

  • Oregon Trail & Oregon Trail II

  • Where in the World/Time is Carmen Sandiego

  • Bit Bot's Math Voyage ("makes math lots of fun")

  • Madeline series

  • School House Rock/Math

  • Carmen Sandiego Word Detective

  • all the Disney titles

  • Virtual Pool

  • Crystal Caliburn Pinball

Middle & High School

  • Hollywood High by Theatrix
    ("Kids can write a script and direct the characters who act the story out. Great for developing writing skills.")

  • Myst

  • Riven

  • Specifically for GIRLS
    • Zero Zero
    • Chop Suey
    • Smarty

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