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Configuring and Using the Suffolk Web (Graphics) Service

The Suffolk County library system offers free Internet access for residents. This service is similar in quality to that offered by many commercial Internet Service Providers (ISPs) at $20 per month or more, but the library system does not provide good technical support, especially for Macintosh users.



All of the essential information that you need to set up your Mac for Internet access with the Suffolk County Libraries Online system is available on the "Suffolk Web" web pages located at: <> But this address is not very useful if you do not have internet access in the first place! And there are several errors in the "Help" pages that can make your set-up more difficult.

Setting up a Mac for Internet access is relatively simple, but you will need some software and you will need to know how to configure it. These notes will take you through the steps.

Software needed

  • FreePPP - this is a "dialer" software that controls your modem and stores information about your internet service provider
  • Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer - this is a "web browser" that lets you access the World Wide Web (graphics)
  • Eudora Lite - this is an e-mail program, this version is freeware

How to set up FreePPP

FreePPP is a "dialer" program that dials your modem and connects to the computers used by your ISP.

FreePPP setup

  1. Open FreePPP Setup. Once it opens click on the small triangle in the lower left corner to open the configuration area.

    Click on the little triangle and the general settings become visible

  2. Click on the tab labeled General
    Click on button labeled Modem Setup.
    In the pulldown menu labeled Connected to: choose the port your modem is connected to.
    Make sure the other settings match those shown below.
    modem setup

  3. Click on the tab labeled Accounts
    Click on the button labeled New
    New account set up

    Type in a name for this account (e.g. SuffolkWeb, Suffolk Library) in the box labeled Server Name and the phone number either 286-1322 Bellport (for Western Suffolk) or 399-9208 (for Eastern Suffolk)
    account setup in FreePPP

    Choose Using Connection Script from the Connect pulldown menu.
    Then click the Edit Connect Script button
    Enter the following information substituting your real username and password.

    Send: \r\r X
    Send: X X
    Wait for: username
    Send: type your actual username here X
    Wait for: password
    Send: type your actual password here X
    Wait for: ppp
    Send: p X X

    And check the appropriate boxes on the right hand side of the Connection Script window as shown in the diagram below:

    here's one connectscript

    An alternative script that some have found successful is shown below. Please try both to see which works best for you.

    Send: \r\r X
    Send: X X
    Wait for: username
    Send: type your actual username here X
    Wait for: password
    Send: type your actual password here X
    Send: ppp X
    Send: p X X

    here's another connectscript

  4. Click on the tab labeled Connection
    In the Connect at pulldown menu, select a higher speed than your modem's baud rate, e.g. 57600 for a 28.8 modem.
    In the Flow Control pulldown menu, select "CTS & RTS (DTR)"
    Connection FreePPP options

  5. Click on the tab labeled Options
    Choose Assigned by PPP Server from the pulldown menu labeled IP Address
    Note that Domain Name, Primary DNS, and Secondary DNS are left empty
    Options FreePPP setup

How to set up TCP/IP

The TCP/IP control panel governs all network communication for your computer. There are only a few settings to enter for Suffolk Web.

  1. From the pulldown menus at the top of the window, choose
    Connect via: FreePPP and
    Configure: Using PPP Server

  2. In the Name server addr. box, type the numbers:

  3. In the Search domains box, type:

TCP/IP settings

PLEASE NOTE: Changes to MacTCP take effect after Restart.

That's it!!
You can now connect to Suffolk Web with FreePPP and browse the web with Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer.

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